The Kaimira Estate Winery

Purpose-built in 2007, our 500 tonne energy-efficient winery has come a long way from the converted fruit packing shed we started from in 1999.

With solar water heating, low energy lighting and a custom-built waste water treatment plant, our winemaking practices make minimal environmental impact. At 2 litres of water per litre of wine produced, our water usage rate is one-quarter of the industry average.

Being organic in the winery means we use only those products that are approved for organic use – from yeast strains and fining agents to cleaning products. Significantly for those sensitive to sulphites in wine, limiting addition of sulphites is integral to organic certification. Organic wines are required to contain between 25% and 33% less added sulphites than conventionally made wines.

Because we use plant-based fining agents, wines made since 2015 are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.



All of our wines are hand crafted from our own certified organic grapes using both modern and old world techniques.

We prefer to harvest in the early morning when the fruit is still cool thus helping retain vibrant fresh fruit flavours.  Aromatic white grapes are crushed on the way to the press to help release the juice and flavour compounds from the skins. The juice is protected from contact with oxygen with inert gas and cool fermented (12c-16c) in stainless steel tanks to promote and capture the wonderful fruit expression that has made New Zealand wines so famous.

Premium white varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc are hand harvested and the entire bunch is gently pressed providing high quality juice which is barrel fermented in a range of new and seasoned French oak using both wild and cultured yeasts. The use of oak fermentation for premium wines creates structure, complexity and a drier, food-friendly style perfect for those special dinner occasions.

Our Pinot Noir, Syrah and specialty reds have the stems removed and the entire grape is warm fermented at around 28-30c in open top tanks with gentle twice daily mixing to extract colour and tannin. After 2-4 weeks the young red wine is transferred to tank or French oak barrels for graceful aging.

harvesting grapes
Photo credit Chocolate Dog
Photo credit Chocolate Dog
Photo credit Chocolate Dog
Photo credit Chocolate Dog