Michael Cooper Reviews Our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc

Nelson and Canterbury make up 7% of NZ’s vineyard area, yet have 15% of the country’s wineries, according to Michael Cooper in the latest issue of NZ Listener (6 April 2019).

In an article titled “Southern Belles” Michael rates his favourites from Nelson and Canterbury, highlighting some gems from the regions. We are pleased to have our 2018 Kaimira Estate Sauvignon Blanc included with a 4 star rating.

Here’s what Michael had to say:

“Certified organic, this estate-grown wine is freshly herbaceous, with strong, ripe, tropical fruit flavours. Full-bodied (13.5% alc/vol), it has subtle, toasty notes adding complexity and a dry, crisp finish.”

Michael Cooper, NZ Listener, 6 April 2019

Check out the latest issue to see what else he has to say about our region’s wonderful wines.


Wine South Island regions noted for specific varietals are more than one-hit wonders. by Michael Cooper

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