March Artist: Kanuka Glen Art

We are pleased to show the work of John Jepson of Kanuka Glen Art for the last month of our Cellar Door season.

John creates drawings of native NZ birds (and other wildlife) on rustic wood – from old panel doors to fence posts – using coloured pencils. His work has a natural look, with the wood grain showing through the drawings adding an extra touch.

I like to think my art work has a very rustic and real feel to it. It breathes life in to old wood and creates a talking point for people who enjoy such things. It celebrates New Zealand’s native birds in their many guises and characters.

Pop in while we are open during March to view his work. All are available for purchase (one piece sold the very first day!) and he has prints available as well.

Rifleman sold on day one – love the textural addition of the lichen to this piece.

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